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Davy Jones Lockers

No One Is More Familiar With Lockers Than Davy Jones.

We provide tailored locker solutions for venues of all sizes. Our goal is to help venues establish stronger customer loyalty while also creating the opportunity for additional revenue streams. We offer a variety of different locker systems, depending on the needs of the venue ranging in various sizes, colors and features.

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Why Choose Us?

Revenue Sharing: Our Program is designed to encourage long-term partnerships that generate revenue for both parties.

Training: We provide system training to venue employees in order to increase revenue and improve guest loyalty.

Guest Experience: Reduce lines with integrated kiosks for the lockers while also ensuring your guests their valuables are safe.

Renting A Locker

Is As Easy As...

1. Customer Selects Locker and creates Pin from touchscreen Kiosk

2. Customer places belongings into locker

3. Items are picked up when ready

Technology + Hardware

Fully customizable sizes and colors (standard 8” and 11” doors).

  • All locker systems are designed to be used outdoors so they are completely waterproof/weatherproof.
  • Secured lockers with electronic lock, open and close are controlled by password/PIN code.
  • Low voltage system for safe operations. Stainless steel design to prevent rust at areas exposed to water.
  • Large LCD display 10”-15” for locker access, also used for advertising videos.

**Customizable add-ons at the request of the venue**

Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support, On call Technicians, Employee Training for routine maintenance/cleaning.

Who We Service:

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Nationwide Partners


Resorts World (Las Vegas, NV)
AYU Day Club (Las Vegas, NV)
Tao Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV)
Elia Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV)
Azilo Ultra Pool (Las Vegas, NV)